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Aidan's first halloween party~~

A cow, a tiger, superbaby & a donkey playing together~

This is handsome Ian, the birthday boy as Peter Pan with the wee striped one :)

Both tiger & donkey turned into pumpkins later in the night :D


Warning's more Aidan/baby-centric ..not that many party shots...
There are more pictures in June's bbhome lj too!

Sorry Sandra..that we spent so much time in the air-con room. The babies were warm and there were sooOooOoOooOooooo many running kids in the living room and after the 7,238th time that Aidan headed straight for the standing fan and the big TV set, I thought it would be safer for your equipments and for him to be in the room with the other babies. But it did look like the party was a great success and Ian & Kegan and all the kids + our babies had fun. And almost all the children came in costume..and some parents too!! Thanks for the invite~!

Met some lj moms there like timroy, mamemo & joojanet for the first time yesterday..Again, I'd recognised them and their kids coz of the pictures they had posted on LJ..Didn't get to converse much with them coz we had our hands full with our kids but also, we couldn't have if we tried coz the place was sooooo noisy :D~

Ok..I learnt something yesterday..I have to remember to bring treats/sweets to be given out to the other kids during parties ...or issit only on Halloween parties? Someone fill me in. So paiseh to have Aidan receive sweets from other parents and I have none to offer.

I was so exhausted after the party that I zonked out at 11pm..Was supposed to join meganmacy at Barnone but the body was too weak even though the spirit was willing~
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