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ze fussy li' one~

Feeling a li' under the weather now..Running a slight fever (@37.8%) and my whole body feels really lembek. Have taken 2 panadols already and I know I'm supposed to be getting some needed zzs but the lure of Law & Order overrided common sense and here I am updating LJ because I usually skip Criminal Intent but plan to watch SVU...Yeah, I'm such a tv addict!

Aidan had a slight fever yesterday too but he's better today. Am wondering whether we may have caught something at Sandra's place because June's bbhome son, Ryan is down with fever too. I think the weather that day could be the culprit as it was raining really heavily when we were there and I did get a li' bit of raindrops when I ran from the carpark to the voiddeck..yeah,what a weakling I am. Thankfully, Aidan seems healthy now. In fact, I'm glad that he doesn't get sick that easily *touch wood* ...I've only started giving Vitamin C to strengthen his immunity system but I think generally, he probably have enough of the basic nutrients that children need in view that he eats basically everything (milk, veggie, fish and tons of fruits)..

I, on the other hand need to eat better. Actually, I am supposed to start on a no dairy, wheat, sugar, soysauce, citrus fruits diet so as to determine what is causing my hives which I've been getting rather frequently. I keep on putting it off but I have to do it could be a good way to detox my body too. But I think I may have found the cause of my hives through some prompting from June..I have a feeling that prawns may be the culprit because I do tend to break out very badly after a meal which includes prawns. Well, I just have to monitor my diet even more closely i guess...
======================'s not chinese new year yet~ :P~

Do u realise my hair parting has changed? Yeah, probably not unless your eyes are super-sharp. Ya..had to do it to cover up the awful hair-streaking job I did last week.

The idiotic hairstylist (and he's the director of the salon somemore) left the dye on too long and the streaks came out almost blond. And since my base hair was dark brown, the contrast was so glaring and it looked exactly like what I didn't want my hair to look - zebra stripes. Bleah!

I'd actually spent another hour after the hair was done rectifying the situation by having another application of dark brown hair dye on the blondish looked okay initially but after i'd gone home and look in the mirror, those streaks seemed to have lightened . Called the salon and told them I wanted to dye my entire hair dark brown again..The director was totally offended that I told him that the hair job was done very badly. He said that no one had ever complained about his skill and that he has already done his best on my hair...He told me to wait at least a week first and that the color will get darker (??) eventually and that it will look better. I was, usually one's hair look the best after they just stepped out of the salon and in this case..what? It's suppose to look better a week later? I told him that everyone I met had nothing positive to say about my hair color and enquired whether he thinks their impression will change in a week's time...I gotta admit..I was a bitch. Gave him a piece of my mind. But can't be helped lah.. Bleah..hate my hair looking like that! And to think many said my hair was my best features *sob* more liao~

Anyway, the best way for me not to see the color..change my side parting from left to right. What I don't see won't hurt me (eyes)..Will deliberate on whether to return there to further rectify the bad job. I think my hair's gonna turn to hay soon!

May be going to Hong Kong with hubby and Aidan. He's there on a business trip and is supposed leave on Sunday night and return on Tuesday but he probably will not be able to get an extension. We are actually thinking of leaving on Saturday night instead so that we can enjoy the entire Sunday, and maybe bring Aidan to Ocean Park..While he's working, I probably can beg meganmacyto bring me shopping. Apparently, the weather's pretty nice there now.. Only thing is that Aidan doesn't really have any warm clothes so I may have to get a sweater or two for him. Hub will check on the ticket pricing tomorrow.

I forget babies under the age of 1 have to pay on SQ flight? If so, how many percent of the fare must they pay? Anyone knows?
*cross fingers*

Edited : Hubby just called to say that his trip has been pushed forward to this Thursday and queried whether I would still wanna join him. He said that this move is better since we could stay in Hong Kong longer..till Sunday. main problem is the mommies gathering at my place this Saturday *arghh*! How?? Bleah!

Update :
Not going to HK with hubby anymore :( Several reasons..The SQ fare price for adult is so's over SDG850 with tax and the baby fare price is SDG290. Totally not worth it especially since with this amount of money, I can actually buy a 3 day 2 night package to HK, plus accomodation for 2 pax..but on other airlines of coz. Well, definitely won't wanna travel in an airline different from hub's and anyway, I'm still feeling kinda queasy so travelling so soon probably ain't a good idea and 1 1/2 days is probably too rushed to pack for Aidan (yeah, I'm trying to justify like crazy coz I'm sorta sad that we cant make it for the trip) and most importantly, I don't think I should cancel the mummies gathering this Saturday.

Well, hubby's not gonna be in town from Wednesday to Friday but that's okay especially since it's such a short trip. He should be back in time for the gathering tho :)
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