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To be there or not to be

I think I ate too much for dinner *burp*...although we ate really early. Stomach still so bloated plus baby Aidan moving about within....can't sleep!!

Saturday evening..we went back to the restaurant at Joo Chiat Place where they served fabulous pepper crabs. You have to go very early to this place to get a table as the place fills up pretty fast. When we left our place at abt 5pm, the rain was pretty heavy so we thought that there may not be a crowd. We reached there abt 5.20pm and there was only 1 table available!!! By 5:30pm..there was a long q forming already..and it was still raining like cats & dogs. Our frens, Trevor, Bibi, Corrina and Darren and my bro, Stephen +sis-in-law, Jen joined us for dinner and we ordered 6 crabs, fried fritters with sotong, braised prawns, deer meat with onion & ginger, kai-lan veg and a large plate of seafood horfun *slurp* Actually, I love eating with this group of pple coz the gals in the group usually don't eat much. They only had at most 2 pieces of crabs. Both hubby and I have solid appetite and usually end up eating the most since most of them usually stop eating before us.. :P~ Yeah, as usual, I over-ate again.Sheesh, two nights of crabs-eating. Too rich and way too much cholestrol. We had chilli crabs at Jumbo Seafood on Fri night but it wasn't that satisfying so we decided that we must have the pepper crabs!! Yeah, we r greedy pple!

Was chatting with leapin_toufu on IRC and telling him about the dilemna that hubby is having..Hubby is still undecided whether to be in the delivery room when I give birth. I don't think he is the type to faint or anything but he doesn't really like gory stuff and all [he freaks out while watching horror movies]. We heard from pple who has gone tru it that the delivery of the baby part is actually quite okay..[= not much blood, not v traumatic] whereas the delivery of the placenta can actually gross one out. I know it would be pretty reassuring to have him ard while I'm in there but I dunno... I rather not have him ard if he's gonna go pale and freak out.. The toufu man (funny eh..the things tt he knows] told me that there would be a nurse who's duty is oversee the husband and ensures that he is okay. Well, hubby will probably decide on this later..we still got abt 2 more weeks to go!!

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