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leaving on a jet plane~

Decided to send hubby off at the airport since I was getting tired of staring down the toilet bowl...thankfully, stomach didn't acted up when I was there but it did the minute we came home..*bleah*..

Dad-in-law and I were early 'coz we wanna show Aidan around the airport since it's his first time there. Aidan had a great time at the viewing deck, looking at the planes and also squawking at some other kids who were with their parents. I let him crawl about and he ended up chasing after the kids and having a heck of a time that he became all sweaty after that.

During the time when we had to send hubby off, Aidan was more subdued..either he was tired out already or he sensed his daddy was leaving..He clung to his dad immediately when he saw him..and waved vigorously at him when hubby walked through the departure gate..

Well, it's a short trip for hubby so it's not gonna be that bad ..:)

Crawling around at the viewing deck...check out his new weebok shoes~!

Aidan seemed to sense that his dad was leaving so he was kinda edgey..

Didn't want me to carry him..

Aidan goin "papa papa~!"

Walking towards the departure gate...

Watching daddy's plane fly off at the viewing deck...
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