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Cow pose~yeah, the pj's a li' too big for him..

watching tv with doggy :D

Videos :
a)Aidan knows Piggy by name. He will 'fetch' piggy whenever I ask him where piggy is ..
b)Splashing about happily in the bath..


Yesterday, after walking out of a boutique at Mandarin Hotel Arcade and as I was walking towards the escalator, I heard someone calling my name and I turned and saw a young, trendy, sweet-looking lady whom I have never met before.

"Angelia, right?" she asked..and I replied that I was..

"You are slimmer and prettier in person!!"..Okay, I made this one up. I wish she had said it though...

She then said that she reads my journal regularly and recognised my face from the pics I'd posted, and that she was Susan beanbeanz, whom I'd given an LJ code to recently..I think she felt a li' embarrassed or uncomfortable and quickly added.."I hope you don't think I'm some kinda stalker!!"

Of coz I don't think you are one, Susan..:) No one in their right mind will stalk me :P.. And I'm sorry I couldn't chat coz I had to rush off..

moxielass, I think u can probably identify with Susan hehe..


(Inspired by twp77 :D.., well sorta..)

Wanted to show some pics of myself when I was younger and much slimmer but I don't have any scanner and somehow, taking a pic of those pics doesn't really show off the pics that well so I thought, heck it.

And then I recall that I had this really really old incomplete website which I'd done up about 6+ years ago, which had some of my older pictures..Yeah, those were the days when I used to irc like crazy though I still do at times now. Realised that I'd always been very open about myself and am a really long-winded person..Not gonna give u guys the link for the old site coz it's really really cheesey but one can actually find it very easily...

Here are the some of the few pics that were 'salvaged' from that website :)

That's me & my friend Penny taken in Canada. I think this was taken 10 years ago..

This was also in Canada ..taken with another pal Janice and this was probably about 8 yrs ago..

Heh..here's one taken about 6 years ago..and yeah, That's Wong Lilin..

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Nov. 7th, 2003 12:18 pm (UTC)
i don't know leeh.... i personally still think that you look the best RIGHT NOW (after looking at all the photos you've posted from the past). really, you do!!!!

aidan looks so cute in his cow pjs :) eh btw, is it easy to upload/link videos up on the net? coz i just took one of melody fussing around her bed this morning and i want to try uploading it.
Nov. 7th, 2003 03:30 pm (UTC)
*sigh* u are just being kind. Actually the pics here are probably not the 'best' ones i have of my 'slimmmer' days but they were the only one that was on the net..i gotta get a scanner one day :P..

How big is ur file? If it's not that big, u can try emailing me and I can host it on my site for u..
I'm sure you can actually upload it into ur site somehow but im not sure how u have to do it for ur server becuz for mine, I have to follow certain directions just to upload mine..
Nov. 7th, 2003 04:10 pm (UTC)
okay, let me poke around on the net to read up on tutorials... because my raw video file is AVI and i think i need to convert it to WMV so that it plays via windows media player.

thanks for the offer but it's good for me to learn something new anyway :)
Nov. 7th, 2003 04:11 pm (UTC)
yeah..u have to convert it to a wmv or a mpg file. My digicam came with a software that allows me to do convert it. U may wanna see if u can download any trial software on the web to do so..