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weekend activity~

It was a jam packed weekend . Tons of activity & Aidan had lotsa 'exercise' but it was all over too soon. I always feel a li' down on Sunday evening because that's when it hits me that it's gonna be over. Yeah, one may argue that everyday is a weekend to me 'coz I don't work..But the main difference is that both Aidan and I get [a not-so-stressed-out] hubby with us :)

Saturday was MMMMe [Meet Mong,Megan,Macy and Edward] day. Thankfully Mong had suggested booking the function room because I don't think my apartment would have survived that many adults, screaming toddlers and crawling babies.

Fortunately, some of the moms came early and helped me lug down Aidan's toys and set up the function room..pinkmelonhugs and blueberrykisses..thanks for helping out too and sorry I didn't have time to chat much and u guys left early..

I think the gathering went quite well...we pretty much left the babies on their own as they crawled around the floor, playing with the toys and each other..The bigger kids had a heck of a time, based on their shrieks and constant shouting at each other. There was way too much food because everyone brought enough to feed an army [especially Mong's beehoon!!]..

I'm Aidan enjoyed himself. It was cute coz he seemed to recognise Ryan (bbhome's kid) and they were constantly playing with each other. Aidan actually voluntarily shared his toys with him. They were even crawling together and all..So cute. Pity I didn't take pics or video them together..

Thanks to those who helped me look out for Aidan when I wasn't around at the function room..and also to those who helped me lug all the stuff back to my place after the event was over. It made cleaning up so easy and relaxing..I think that was what made the difference. Everyone was relaxed and unreserved..warm and caring..looking out for each other's kids, sharing parenting tips and woes and having a good time.

meganmacy..I'm glad that ur family, especially ur ahbang had fun :)

I wasn't in this pic coz I wasnt at the function hall at that time *sob*

Aidan & Macy sitting quietly together :D../Ryan..the future tennis star..

Jean with Alison Rae/Li' Ashley & her daddy..

Babies who looked like their parent :D...
Rachel with Ryan, Paul & Anselm..

Li' Nana walking/Ethan on the clownmobile..

back at my place..roomful of boys~

tired looking moms with our babies..:)

More pics here
and also at meganmacy & bbhome..
Some video captures of that day can be found here


Doesn't Aidan look more grownup in this pic with Chloe..

Sunday was more relaxing as we had lunch at the famous bak-kut-teh stall at Balestier with our pals..and then we went to Trev's place for a game of mahjong and we let our kids play with each other and one of the moms made porridge for all the kids and we had dinner at the famous XO fish Noodles place at Commonwealth. It was basically a day where we just lepaked and ate . Shioks man :D..

Chloe who is about 17 months old decided to join Aidan crawling about on the floor instead of walking upright :D..

Aidan barking at Chloe...

Aidan spotting a target/Mmm..yumyum
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