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soapy stuff..

Yeah..Aidan ate soap today! Careless ol' me was washing him up at the wash basin and as I looked up to reach for the towel, he grabbed the soap and bit a chunk of it off. You can actually see his teeth marks on the soap! I was expectedly horrified when I saw him holding on to the soap gleefully (how did he managed to grab the whole watery soap in his hands without it slipping off?) and chewing away merrily..Doesnt' soap taste..erm soapy and awful??!! I quickly stuffed my finger into his mouth to get watever soap that's left outta his mouth but he seemed to have swallowed it all! I was actually contemplating making him puke so that at least some of the soap will come out. Ended up just giving him lotsa water [I was half expecting him to blow out soap bubbles] and called my in-laws for SOS tips.

When they heard it was a Fa soap and not something more 'toxic', they said it should be okay and that he will most likely lao sai it out later..saying that hospitals usually give soapy water to induce purging. Asked me to monitor him just in case he doesn't seem okay..His appetite was the same - ate heartily as usual but he did had watery stools later in the evening [abt 3 hrs after he ate soap]. I guess if he still continue to have watery stools tomorrow, I will then bring him to the doctor.

Wondering whether I'm beingI too flippant about this..hmm..

*sigh* I must be more careful now and make sure poisonous stuff and sharp objects are out of his reach, especially now that he's so quick in grasping things and putting them into his mouth!

Some of my friends commented that Aidan seldom smiles. They ask me why..

I have to agree. I look at other people's babies and they smile so often, especially when someone is making faces or smiling at them. But when they do that to Aidan, he will stare at them with a stoned expression. Most of the time, he has this stern mien or a look of concentration on his face.

I wonder why too.I hate to think that he is an unhappy baby...The thing is..when he does laugh, he will laugh heartily...But most of the time, it takes some effort to make him giggle and laugh.

At times, I really do wish he will smile more and not look so grouchy most of the time.

Here's a video of him laughing over something innocuous

Oh..and I cut his fringe today...he think he looked a little duh with short fringe. Hmm..I guess I should bring him to the hair-salon soon.!

Aidan's usual expression..
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